Kush Breast pillows are actually small comfortable pillows that lie between breasts during our sleep. Breast pillows are fixed between breasts keeping them separate during night sleep – the result is absence of pulling or tugging of the chest delicate skin (décolleté). With breast pillows you can sleep in any favorite position (on side, on stomach, on back) and you can sleep everywhere (on the bed, in the car, in the aircraft, in travel math, etc.) After 40-45 we all could see some wrinkles on our chest (especially if we have big breasts) and neck – actually skin wrinkles are indicators of our age as well as they are also indicators of our lack of knowledge about preventing skin wrinkles. These wrinkles are triggered by “displaced” skin during our sleep. Our aging results in breakdown of collagen – the collagen naturally begins to thin making skin more susceptible to wrinkles. During sleep our chest skin (décolleté) develops wrinkles because of side sleep or because of breast pressure. Kush breast pillows were invented as a treatment to help eliminate and prevent décolletage wrinkles. Kush breast pillows can prevent chest wrinkles and can also correct chest wrinkles. During our life (especially during reproductive period of life) we experience periods of breast tenderness – during premenstrual period, after breast surgery (medical and/or cosmetic reasons), during some hormonal treatments, after cardiac surgery, during menopause (sometimes), etc. During healing process the breast tenderness itself could be painful and stressful but it also could be a cause of unpleasant chest wrinkles (damaged décolleté). Kush breast pillows can comfort and support the healing process.

Sleep more comfortably than ever by slipping this side sleep boob support pillow in between the twins. Designed for side sleepers with C-cup breasts and above, it helps prevent wrinkles with repeated use and is ideal for post surgery and pregnancy cases.

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